Our Values

Althought Termisol BV has been registered in 2015 in the Netherlads, our history in the field of industrial insulation and scaffolding began more than 65 years ago in Italy. The way we work is driven by strong ethical values, which represent our history and the way we think and act.

We give a big value to people, honesty and fairness. We operate in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and with our clients we establish a relationship made of trust and collaboration. We offer our employees a stable work environment with excellent safety and health performances, training and education and all the opportunities to develop their full potential. We encourage responsibility and respect and reward commitment and capacity.

We do not accept any form of discrimination, corruption and exploitation. Safeguarding dignity, freedom and equality are of paramount importance to us. Our corporate identity is represented by our Code of Ethics, the starting point to spread the values ​​we believe in and strengthen the integration of all those who work with and for us.

Our core values are:
■ Respect, fairness, integrity
We work in compliance with laws. We are respectful, punctual, honest and fair with everyone
■ Customer Satisfaction
We want the complete satisfaction of our customers. We listen carefully to their needs and always are at disposal. We try to prevent problems and maximize productivity by optimally managing time and budget. We offer services of the highest quality and excellent reliability
■ Our Resources Satisfaction
We want our employees to perform a good job, to be safe, healthy and happy. We offer education and training and all the possibilities to stand out. We create cohesive and productive teamworks that enhance each one capabilities. We establish clear and direct communications, and encourage accountability and participation.