We perform TIPCHECKs, thermal energy audits with the infrared thermography on any type of industrial plant to verify its status, energy efficiency and security.

Our TIPCHECKS (Technical Insulation Performance and Check) are professional and complete diagnostic energy tests conducted together with Eiif, the European Industrial Insulation Foundation . Our thermographic quality is guaranteed by the presence of a Tipcheck Engineer Thermograph certificate II level, according to the UNI EN 473 standards.

A Thermal energy audit is a non-invasive diagnostic method that can be performed also during plant’s normal work. It is able to immediately identify any anomalies or heat loss. Such problems are mostly due to bad insulation (uninsulated parts or unsufficient insulation) or damaged insulation which affects in an important way on:

  • consumption of energy: heat losses are waste of money
  • damage to the environment: the losses enter into CO2
  • security risk: it represents a danger to operators

After gathering the necessary information and making a visit to the industrial plant we proceed with to the actual stage of the analysis, carried out mainly with thermal imaging camera. Thermal imaging is a method that allows to perform remote measurements of temperature and thermal gradients on stationary objects or furniture. Thermography measures surface temperatures, EM radiation emitted by bodies in two specific portions of the IR spectrum, thus exploiting the physical principle to any body which has a temperature greater than absolute zero ( -273.14 ° C ) emits energy in the form of infrared radiation. The “energetic vision” is detected by the imager is in the form of a color image, thanks to the combination of a color palette with a range of temperatures.
Upon completion of the data of other investigations are carried out using thermal imaging probes and plates. The collected data are processed by our experts which are thus able to quantify the amount of energy and money that a plant (or part of it) is possibly losing in the current configuration.

With our Thermal energy audits you can:

  • save energy
  • improve the process and the efficiency
  • save money
  • create a cleaner environment by reducing CO2 emissions
  • reduce risks for the safety of your personnel